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About the project

Shared cultural heritage

"Shared Cultural Heritage" is the subject of the new edition REACHING OUT  THROUGH SKYPE, the international, multidisciplinary project that connects pupils with different backgrounds, ages and from different countries, in order to get inspired to learn multiple languages and to express their artistic talent.

Multilingualism – let’s celebrate!

Skype sessions Romania, Neth

'Multilingualism is the means for a greater intercultural understanding; it is a key element in the rich cultural heritage of Europe', according to the European Commission.

October 9th 2018, after thorough preparation 6 schools from 6 different countries exchanged their well prepared presentations during a series of ROTS Skype sessions. The theme of the presentation is different each year. We have seen “My home” (2013), “Friendship” (2014), “Theatre” (2015) and “My favourite National Holiday” (2016), "Design" (2017).  

Skype Sessions 2018 Fr

Skype sessions

Skype sessions 2018

The sound of the native language is just one of the elements of the Skype presentation. Showing interest in the cultures you meet is another element until it reaches its culmination, a "magic moment", when a song, rehearsed in the language of the partner country is performed. It always comes as a surprise.

The bridge between the schools has been built and the students are now working on a creative task that will result in an International Youth Photo Exhibition "Where the Past Meets the Future".

Skype sessions Fr 2018

Prior to the Skype sessions, in September,  the partners' meeting took place in Rome in Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari. During the 2 day meeting the implementation of project activities- Skype sessions and the International Youth Photo Exhibition - were discussed. 

The meeting took place in Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari with the participation of representatives from 6 European countries: France, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy and Romania and started with a ‘welcome’ by the museum director, Mr. Filippo Maria Gambari, who underlined the importance of "making the younger generation be aware of the of the past".

A central part of the meeting was the presentation of a Board member and Scientific Council member of Europa Nostra architect Paolo Vitti.

Project partners in Rome with Museum director

Partner meeting in Rome, Museo delle Civilta 2018

Project partners are:

Liceo Classico e Linguistico Statale Aristofane (Italy)
Anykščių r. Traupio pagrindine mokykla (Lithuania)
Lycée Louis Bascan (France)
Colegiul National 'Carol I' (Romania)
RSG Slingerbos |Levant (The Netherlands)
Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium (Hungary)
Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari (Italy)