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Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium

Székesfehérvár Railway Station

During wars, railway stations were the most important buildings of towns. Trains were considered to be the fastest way of transport. Enemies tried to destroy railways and railway stations. In fact, the original Railway Station of Székesfehérvár was ruined by a bomb. The bulinding that can be found there today was built in the 1951 in the authentic social-realist style. It was designed by Kelemen László. In the 1950's it was considered to be the most modern railway station in Hungary. The social realist styl
Boglárka Számuel, 16

Modern World

Even in the modern world, the most ancient heritage, nature, is still there to be discovered. We must explore an protect it.
Eszter Erdei, 19

Echo of Tihany

Tihany at Lake Balaton is one of the most spiritual places in Hungary. When the church's bells chime, that sound spreads out to the countryside. That makes this place special and powerful.
Eszter Erdei, 19


n every small village, there is at least one “typical” little house, which still features the tradition of the ones that are gone, the elderly and the past of the countryside.
Eszter Erdei, 19

Heroes' Square

Heroes' Square is the largest square in Budapest. The Millennium Monument in the middle of the square was erected to commemorate the 1000-year-old history of the Magyars. Archangel Gabriel stands on top of the center pillar, and the seven chieftains who led the Magyar tribes to Hungary can be seen on the stand below. Statues of kings and other important historical figures stand on top of the colonnades on either side of the center pillar.
Lili Názer, 14

Mahart House

This house is a great example of the social-realist style of architecture with its authentic columns and details. It was originally built for the workers of the Hungarian-Soviet Shipping Rt. (Meszhart, later Mahart) in the 1950s. It can be found in Budapest, in front of a ship repairing harbour on the Danube. It was designed by Vilmos Henck and Zoltán Vidos. The building is not in the best condition, it is covered with lots of bulletmarks.
Boglárka Számuel, 16

Malenkij Robot Monument

Altough this statue was not built in the socialist era, it still commemorates brutal events that happened during that period. This statue was built in memory of the people who were sent to working camps by Stalin after the WW II. This  memorial place can be found in Budapest, next to Ferencváros railway station.
Boglárka Számuel, 16

The Statue with No Name

This statue can be found in front of Mahart-house, Budapest. It pulls the Stalinist look of the square together with its social realist style. The stout-hearted worker points his gun towards the sky with great enthusiasm.
Boglárka Számuel, 16

Turks in Hungary

Turks in Hungary, foto Andras Modosi 2019
András Módosi, 16

Faces from the Past

Faces from the Past, Andras Modosi, foto 2019
András Módosi, 16